Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome to Viewers of the Amway Global TV Commercials

(Updated below)
Yesterday when I was flipping through the television channels, I noticed that Amway had bought some airtime for the NFL games and put on some highly stylized commercials (I also noticed a huge spike in traffic for this site; quick note, this site is in the top ten for a Google search of "Amway Global"--take that, Amway). Getting NFL fans to sell expensive soap? Whatever.

This gives me an opportunity to discuss how the Internet can thwart scams. Many people who saw the commercial did a Google search of "Amway" or "Amway Global" and saw the official Amway site as well as critical sites (not to pat myself on the back but I deserve a lot of credit for pushing critical but fair sites about Amway to the top of Google searches by starting an anti-Amway googlebomb). Information is the enemy of totalistic organizations such as Amway (for more on this, read my post on the Internet versus totalistic movements).

Let me conclude by telling potential Amway distributors about myself and sending a warning. I have opposed totalistic movements such as Amway and Sun Myung Moon's Unification movement. As far as I'm concerned, you are free to join Amway, but all I ask is that you read both positive and critical assessments of the company. I have more about this in my welcome message to readers of this blog.

UPDATE: I checked on my Statcounter stats for this site and noticed that someone from Alticor (the parent company of Amway Global) was checking out this post:

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IBOFB said...

Interesting how you claim you want folk to read both positive and critical assessments, but you freely admit "google bombing" to help prevent people being able to find the positive sites, and you have no links to independent pro-Amway sites like

* Amway Watch
* The Truth About Amway
* Speaking of Amway
* Amway Wiki
* Amway Talk

etc etc

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to find something new here,but isn't this just a carbon copy of 100 other sites designed to reak havoc and total destruction upon the Amway/Quixtar/Amway Global/whatever they're going to call it next, company? I see the same old tired links, including Rick Ross, who has been exposed numerous times as a fraud and has ripped about as many people off as a "Tool Kingpin". I think this may be the first reference to Amway and Sun Yung Moon though. If you can tie in Bin Laden and that funny little guy in high heals from China,that may be the proverbial nail in the Ama-coffin.

Anonymous said...

Hey where is the famous Eric Shiebler link. All Anti-Amway sites need Erics stuff. Eric was the Emerald that attempted to retire on 34,000 a year, (I know Platinums that make 70), and ten years later he still hasn't dug himselfout of that hole. Obviously Eric is a regular Warren Buffet when it comes to finance. But you need to get his link up there also as the "David Koresh" of Amway whistle blowers. He has a cult like following among these sites. (Don't let Rick Ross hear that or for $2500,plane tix and hotel accomodations he'll come to your home and try try to help you. The 60 minutes piece was in the early 80's,get the fresher Dateline piece onthere whith that goofy Fredricks guy claiming he makes 250K as a Platinum. It's more relevant.

Anonymous said...

Good, I hope you succeed in diverting people away from Amway. I was with Amway and Network Twenty One and I lost thousands of dollars because I listened to my trusted upline who kept *advising* me that I would succeed 100% guaranteed if I kept on buying more tools. Well, his advice didn't work and now I have a room full of useless crap and bad memories from those stupid seminars that I attended.

Anonymous said...

Why would you have thought that simply buying books and tapes was a sure path to success? That sounds like Eric Shiebler logic. I've seen hundreds of IBO's buy thousands of dollars of tools, never do more than a months worth of work, spread out over a two year period, and get the same results and sentiments that you have. Try selling your stuff on ebay. I sold 3 boxes of old, used Britt cassettes to some guy for $600. But don't blame you old upline if you chose not to filter what he was telling you through a brain cell. Either you were young and easily influenced or you were older and not very wise. There are people making good money just at the platinum Q12 level and you don't have to go Diamond for 40-70K additional a year in your pocket tomake a difference financially. Q12 checks are now 20K.and if you had a weak Q12 business, you would stillbe making 1500-2500 a month on top of that,just in Amway. The funny thing about all people making money, they al started at the bottom of the pyramid making zero. Why keep shining a becon on your short comings. Why were those people who started with nothing, able to succeed when you weren't? Better looking? (Ha, have you seen some of those Achieve Mags?) Smarter? I doubt it. Who knows? It's different for each individual. You're not a loser because you quit of don't make it. Multi-Level is not in everyones DNA. People are losers because they blame everyone else for their shortcomings,and it's not just in Amway, it's in everything else in life.

Anonymous said...

Hey my friend,

the ads are working... Even a guy who don't like this company saw it...

We are back home following the free Achievers 2008 Las Vegas trip.

Oh yes! before the trip they sent us a $20,0000 check...

Another thing, we have 2 eyes, 1 nose and 1 mouth... like you...

Stop behing angry about your none success with this business...

So smile, you will see ads for the rest of your life...

Anonymous said...

LTD team all the way! We will be around forever! I am sick of people saying we stalk them to try and get them in! not true at all...we won't give them a packet if they are not interested. WE ARE NOT GOING TO WASTE OUR TIME! Leaderships are awesome, as a matter of fact all meetings are inspirational and awesome! People should quit hating because they were not driven enough to succeed. If our business' did not work how the heck are we putting all that money into commercials? Think about it people! But let the haters be haters...they will be the people that are still working on trying to retire after working 50 years of their life. We will be the ones taking trips to peter island and having fun while still working our business and making our lives and everybody lives we touch better!

Anonymous said...

I'm about to leave to attend one of my first meetings for Amway Global, and after reading these reviews it seems like Amway is going to be like everything else in life. There is no shortcut, make sacrafices and beleive that you can succeed and you probably will. Success is a measure of your own confidence, how can you ever succeed if all you do is look at failure? It's the simple game of life people. Life rewards persperation, the amount of effort you put into it is the result you get out, whether your concious if your effort is good or not.