Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Amway is Imploding: Some Evidence

I wrote about it a while ago. The IBO Rebellion has some recent evidence such as its report on the Achievers 2007 meeting and the drastic decrease in new distributor (IBO) signups for Amway/Quixtar:
The number one issue on the table today is that Quixtar is not only bleeding from lack of sales, but in fact sponsoring is down substantially. Multiple CWPF's have reported to me that Quixtar would usually add new IBO's at the rate of 1000-1200 IBOs per day. As we have outlined here before Quixtar relies heavily on sponsoring and the volume generally associated with it. My CWPF's say that current numbers have fallen to the approximately 600 IBOs per day. This is a dramatic decrease.

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