Friday, November 2, 2007

A Strategy to Address Amway's Global Community Program

One thing I have noticed is that the critical web sites dealing with AmQuix are in English and are focused on the United States. I believe this is short-sighted for the following reasons:
1) From information I have received from multiple sources, Alticor's management is focusing less on the United States and more on markets in foreign nations (Amway calls them their "Global Community Program"). This makes sense because the corporation's fortunes are declining in North America. In the United States, Amway is a punchline; in many countries, Amway is a new phenomenon and many people in these countries don't know about the company well-deserved bad reputation.
2) Amway is the amplification of everything that people around the globe hate about certain aspects American culture: (1) Conspicuous consumption; (2) Greed being treated as a virtue; (3) A Christian Recontructionist world view and a desire to create Christian theocracies around the world (4) Republican Party values (5) Jingoistic Militarism (especially the case considering the DeVos/Prince family ties); (6) Bigotry and homophobia (e.g., listen to Amway Crown Ambassador Dexter Yager on "the queers") (7) Exploitation of the Third World in the guise of helping it.
Critics of the Amway cult should emphasize these aspects of their corporate culture to people outside of North America.
3) Informing people around the world about Amway is a way to show good will to the global community.

Here are some easy-to-implement tactics to appeal to the global community:
1) Non-English web sites that are critical of Amway. Critical blogs in Chinese, Japanese, Javanese (the most popular language in Indonesia), Hindi (the most popular languages in India), Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Korean would be especially helpful.
2) Web sites that are nation-specific that appeal to Amway IBOs and potential recruits.
3) Publicizing the Prince/DeVos family connection. Amway is the corporate embodiment of the Ugly American archetype and Blackwater USA is Amway on steroids.

Fortunately, with the advent of the internet, these tactics can be done by anyone, anywhere. Think globally but act locally!

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