Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Rolling Stone article mentions Dick DeVos' anti-union and anti-reproductive freedom activities in Michigan

In the article, "The Stealth War on Abortion, " in the latest Rolling Stone, Janet Reitman writes:
In Michigan, Amway scion Richard "Dick" DeVos, the 58-year-old former Republican candidate for governor, is a force behind what he refers to as the state's "freedom to work" legislation, which passed in 2012 despite a 12,000-person protest that locked opponents out of the state Capitol. DeVos has also funded a variety of religious-right groups, including Right to Life of Michigan and the Michigan Family Forum, which supported the state's "rape insurance" bill.
Thank God DeVos was defeated when he tried to become the governor of Michigan in 2006 (I wrote about how 2006 was a bad political year for Amway and how DeVos was a benighted theocrat here). 

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