Thursday, March 12, 2009

How Amway Fraud Makes Bernie Madoff Look Like an Inept Schoolboy

Quixtar Cult Intervention has the details:
Amway has been allowed to operate their form of Ponzi scheme by masking their ‘closed market swindle’ behind a labyrinth of corporate structures, significantly masking the atrocious loss ’independent’ investors have reaped throughout the history of Amway. Exactly as in the case of Madoff, Amway critics have thrown up significant red flags about Amway‘s operation, all an elaborately disguised swindle enriching the cultic initiators and a handful of ‘kingpin’'distributors' operating exactly like the mafia.

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Anonymous said...

Amway, it is really wonderful to learn, has been allowed to operate in so many civilised countries. And the swindle goes on. Amway India Enterprises has started its business in India on the pretext of direct selling benefiting the consumer. But in practice it has been doing otherwise. Even after snubbed by the judiciary, the apologists are not ashamed of their business tactics. They keep on their fraudulent activities.
For more details. Please watch
Shyam Sundar