Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bankrupting Amway: A Worthy and Attainable Goal

Would a bankrupted Amway/Quixtar/Alticor be a good thing? Fucking-A!

The following are just a few reasons why a financially ruined Amway would be beneficial to American society and the rest of the world:
· Amway has ripped off millions of people out of billions of dollars. I have disccssed this on this blog and others, notably Eric Sheibeler, have documented this. If you are not familiar with the kingpins "tools" scandal, check out Dateline NBC's segment on Quixtar from a few years ago (Part 1 and Part 2). Amway, Quixtar, and Alticor's other incarnations are nothing more than a duel pyramid scheme comprised of Ponzi schemes surrounding the products and the "tools"--the motivational aids and rallies that have made a small elite wealthy on the backs of their downlines.
· Amway represents just about every characteristic that non-Americans think about when they envision "the Ugly American."
· The owners of Amway and the top distributors (the "kingpins") adhere to reactionary, dominionist, and theocratic politics. Bankrupting the company would be one way to de-fund the radical right.
· Much of Amway is cult-like and is antithetical to freedom of thought and conscience.
· Even though a new distributor has little chance of getting rich--or even breaking even--many of the motivational organizations possess an ugly theodicy that blames the se "failures" not on Amway's corrupt system but encourages these people to blame themselves for their own victimization.
· The rank-and-file of Amway are mostly decent people but the leadership and kingpins are just awful people.
·Killing two birds with one stone. Erik Prince, who heads Blackwater USA, is an in-law of the co-founding DeVos family. Amway's financial problems could lead to financial problems for Blackwater USA.

What can be done to attain this goal?
· Media hacking. Use your computer skills to fight Amway. The blogger Google-bomb I initiated has been a huge success and has cost them a lot of business.
· My idea of providing a multi-lingual series of websites that appeal to non-Americans that emphasize the pro-Bush, reactionary, and Christian theocratic culture of the Amway leadership would go a long way to hurt the company's prospects in the rest of the world.
· Supporting disgruntled former Amway distributors. One of the problems with these former IBOs is that they tend to be conservative and tend not to be familiar with potentially effective direct action tactics (e.g., picketing Amway rallies). An outreach to these people could be very beneficial.
· Encourage progressives to fight Amway. When I talk to progressives about Amway, they often respond the same way that they respond to Sun Myung Moon and the Unification movement--that it's old hat from the 1970's. Progressives ignore Amway and its poisonous agenda to their detriment.
· Enlist the Democratic Party. I list this option last because I have I have given up on the Democrats. As a whole, the Democrats are the biggest wusses in the world. When I look at how Amway and the Unification movement have run roughshod over this country, I point the finger of blame on the Democratic Party for doing nothing about it. It would be nice if a future Obama administration were to appoint members of the Federal Trade Commission who would enforce the law.

The upshot is that a lot can be done with very little.


Anonymous said...

But how can you bankrupt a company that is debt free? From what you are saying, don't they provide a product and/or service to the general public? I don't understand really...unless they spend billions in advertising, they can't go under. From my understanding, they now spend millions in advertising their company, just like other direct selling companies, all though they do much less in overall advertising. I think their voice is the business owner presence mostly. But the biggest part is that they are in 85 countries and territories. I'm no math wizard, but I'm not sure if is possible.

This is just a neutral opinion. Thoughts?

quixtarisacult said...


I do not believe that bankrupting Amway is as far fetched as dig4truth suggests by his comment.

Wm Tingley of localareawatch.org has questioned the solvency of Amway and the Devos-Van Andels for some time and his series of articles entitled "Project: Pyramid Power" are well worth the read. The Amway business, regardless of the hype, has been in a major decline in North America. Inroads into Asian countries have been fraught with problems, i.e. the raid on Amway offices in China.

Much of what can be known is speculation, but it does seem to me that there are bankers involved in the solvency of the company at present. Even the tax payers of Michigan have had to step in and bail out several Devos backed ventures in the Grand Rapids area.

Why would the Van Andel Family back out of a relatively modest commitment to the Van Andel Institute made by the late Jay Van Andel? Makes you wonder exactly how well off these rich really are? Is it so far fetched that the Devos and Van Andels haven't already run with most of the loose cash they took from duped distributors?

Anonymous said...

First of all who are you Scoobie and what are your credentials? Do you know anything about business, life, and how the real world actually works? Do you know what an illegal pyramid is? If you are employed by a traditional company like 98% of the people in this country or own your own company you are part of a pyramid. Just most people are so far down the pyramid they don't realize what it really is. So, do you hate all the Fortune 500 companys?
Where does all this hatred and negativity come from? Did someone wrong you in some way in the past? Did Amway wrong you in some way?
Just be careful who listen to and don't believe everything you see and hear in the media. The media's in business to make money too and they'll print anything to catch an audience. Dateline has already been sued by a few companies for false reporting and accusations.
Again who are you and is your information and sources credible?

Anonymous said...

In view of the tens of millions of people who have had their minds poisoned, and their time and money stolen, by the 'Amway' myth, what crime would it be appropriate to charge its instigators with?

Perhaps a case could be made that 'Amway's' instigators have been prosecuting an economic, and psychological, war against their fellow citizens and against the citizens of America's allies.

The definition of treason in the United States Constitution would seem perfectly to apply to the treacherous activities of 'Amway's' instigators.

It doesn't take a genius to work out what would have been the attitude of the founders of the United States to the likes of the De Vos and Van Andel families.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I keep hearing that Amway is debt free. Maybe they are or aren't but how do IBO's know this?

Also, being debt free is not necessarily a good thing. Leveraging your equity can be powerful.

Unknown said...

Wow this is the most amazing load of bollocks I have ever read.

If Amwyay was doing something illegal how could it run for 50 years?

If anyone has ANY case against Amway, BRING IT TO COURT.

You're suggestion that it will become bancrupt is even more stupid. It's a Debt free company and DOES NOT need to leverage it's capital because it doesn't need if the current supply meets demand.

Amway's global turn over is around 7.2Bil with a target of 12Bil by 2012. So any notion of a decline is absurd also.

They have paid out 32 Billion in bonuses to members since 1949.

Name 1 other company that has done that?

This type of absurd article should be realised for what it is.

Anonymous said...

Hey david you do realize that debt is liability not equity right?